Dolls and Crayons

What am I working on?

Apologies for the delays in the new schedule, I’ve been recovering from a horrid flu (I mentioned it in a edit Here, yes it’s still the same thing, bad right?) which still hasn’t entirely gone away. However, since I’m now just stuck with a nasty cough I thought I’d try and get back in the swing of things, even though Uni work has crept back up again. So, since I haven’t been able to do any of the stuff I wanted to since the last post, I thought I’d use this one as a sort of inspiration post/ ideas ish on what I want to eventually do a full post on. So this led me to a weird yet fascinating “trend” that appeared in the end of 2017, which is repainting to create custom dolls.

Initial Inspiration: Dolls

Originally I had this idea because I thought it would be super fun to try out at some point. Not only is it a new technique, but there were so many options I could try with it. However, I had NO clue on what to do, what materials, how to start etc.. So it required a little research. After looking a little into it, I found a channel called Dollightful (IG/Youtube), and watched this video down below.

Not only does she tell you her process, but also where she went wrong. Definitely something I can appreciate and I try to do myself. She also has a cool two video mini series on how to do your first custom which I linked here, where she tells you how to start out and what to do. She has loads of other videos as well on materials and important steps, so check out her channel if you’re interested.

My Ideas/Plan.

Now depending on how well it turns out depends on if I continue to explore it or not. But two things about it really makes me want to try it. 1. The vast majority of materials she used I already have, love and use on the regular. So I feel like I’d have a little more of an advantage. 2. I want to do one of the characters I explored on making/developing in Inktober 2017. I used the whole challenge to start this blog and revolve around developing and getting out of a block on what to do with that story, plus, it’ll help more than a wooden mannequin I carry around (see What’s in my pencil cases) as it would be the character I’d want to be conveying. So instead of it being a blank canvas (which 9/10 would be perfect) I’d have a perfect reference to a specific character right in front of me, all designed and ready to roll. Also, it would be a great lead on to Challenge Fridays, so now all I needed was a doll and some sealant and I was ready to go…hopefully.

*Small edit; another thing to add is when trying to find the right Inktober post I realised its so difficult to find out which one I wanted, as none of them had pictures. One thing I INSIST on, as I’ve found it so annoying in the past when trying to find Artist stuff for school projects/GCSE’s/A-levels etc, is that I want my websites to be easy to navigate and find things. So I will be reformatting the blog a bit to make this easier, hopefully with help from a friend who’s currently working on my website*

Now, I did have a look for dolls…. who knew they were so expensive. So I’m basically now looking in charity shops and if I still have no luck, I will probably find some on Ebay. Until then I found this one cheap ish from Sainsburys (I was getting impatient). There also wasn’t any that matched my original plan hair colour wise either. So now I’ll need to track down sealant and change my plan a bit, as I was originally going for one of two characters (Inktober Day 11, 12 or 15) but now I kinda can’t. So Challenge Friday lead with this may have to wait. However, I do have a plan B.

Initial Inspiration: Crayons

Now, when in the charity shop near me, I did find a whole box of crayons for 99p. I was originally looking for dolls, so this was an unexpected but pleasant surprise, as I had been umming and Ahhhing about this for a while, but now I have no excuse not to. I also found this Instagram account called CrayonMelting, where I found this

Inspiration 30.1.18

The account didn’t link original artist, so the link I found is Here

And it really reminded me of my ever developing “background technique”, as Ross calls it, as shown below (Both pictures on my Instagram, link below).

My Ideas/Plans.

So since my go to is blue for my background and the box I got (below) has a lot of blue, I thought why not. So that will be this upcoming challenge Friday, which is good, since the doll plan may be delayed ever so slightly until I get a better matching doll or sealant.. whatever comes first.

Main Crayon shot 30.1.18

So to summarise, I have no set plan on what I am currently doing, more just collecting things to try and complete mini projects.

Until Next Time.




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