What’s in my Pencil Cases: Gallery Edition & What I buy

What’s in my Pencil Cases: Gallery Edition & What I buy  

Welcome back, Happy New Year to you all. I have seen a lot of “What’s in my bag” sort of thing when going around the internet in general, so I thought I’d adapt it to the Art theme.

Whilst I was still at home before going back to university; my parents and I went to see the Winnie The Pooh Exhibition in the V&A museum in London. Winnie the Pooh has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I was much more obsessed with it when I was younger. So I made sure to pack all the needed things for a the visit and get equipped properly for a successful gallery visit. Now, since I knew what I was going to go see this time, I knew what I should favour over other mediums, which isn’t always the case. In this instance, the exhibition was on A.A.Milne and E.H. Shephard. I know Shephard does a lot of sketching in pencil, fine liners and sometimes has colour. So in this case I would be primarily bringing pencils, fine liners, Prima pens and water colour (for that added pop of colour in some cases). However, if I was going to a gallery where I wasn’t going to look for a certain thing or I just had a theme in mind, I would take some different things.

What’s in my pencil cases: Winnie the Pooh Exhibition.

Clockwise from the top: Cow Pencil case, Cath Kidston Disney case, Water Colour Palette, Cath Kidston polar bear and penguin case, Water Colour sketchbook, pencil and two fine liners, postcards previously bought from the exhibition shop and a wooden human mannequin.


Cow Pencil Case: icon-for-moo2-pencil-case1.jpg

This one is a much loved case I use mainly for university but is also my go to. So it has all the basic student equipment, a mixture of pencils of all different sorts (HB and beyond), ball point pens, ruler, rubber, a couple water colour pencils etc.. It’s essentially the first thing I check for, as it’s pretty much always in my bag regardless of location and has anything I may need if I forget otherwise.



Cath Kidston Disney Case:icon for the disney case 

This is a new buy actually, along with the polar bear/penguin case. It’s what I’ve needed for a while, as my cow case is quite small and can’t fit ideally everything I’d want in it. So this one has become my pen bag. Inside there are two side pockets, which I put in fine liners and brush tip pens of all sorts. In the main bag is a paintbrush I couldn’t fit in the other ones and my Prima Pens. These are new from a bootfair actually, and I’m still learning to use them. So, the way I learn to use a new medium is bring them with you 24/7 and try and use them as much as you can. Especially so if the exhibition you’re going to has an artist who uses fine liners and is sketching based. Sadly the exhibition itself didn’t have much room to sit down and play about with these pens, but doesn’t mean to say I regret bringing them along, sometimes you don’t use everything but it’s better to go prepared. 


Cath Kidston Polar Bear/Penguin Case: Icon for Polar bear penguin case

This one is a bit of a miss-mash of everything else I think I may bring. In this instance, it had a water dropper (a non messy and highly recommended essential for on the go water colour), water colour set, paintbrushes, water soluble crayons and a human wooden mannequin. The mannequin is a new addition to my “bring to gallery” selection, however I picked it up from a bootfair cheap and its small enough to be handy when proportion and positing isn’t the clearest. Came in handy when sketching sculptures there, so would give a HaB_Art stamp of approval on getting yourself one of these for any sort of trip.


Water Colour Sketchbook:Icon for sketchbook

I only brought a water colour one as I expected to be using water colour, and the paper type is nice to work on with a variety of mediums. However, any sort of sketchbook will do when going to a gallery. Whatever you find easiest to bring around/work on or just suited to you will do just fine.



Icon for charcoalExtras I May Bring With Me Usually:

Now because I knew the artist I was going to see would not be doing any expressionist stuff of any kind, I didn’t bring and charcoal or pastels, however, I would always make it a must to bring pastels &/or charcoal. It’s the medium I love using the most and is one I always use when I can. I would bring acrylic as well for this reason, but acrylic I find is too messy to bring out and about with me. Until I find a handy small acrylic case, it sadly won’t leave the house with me.


What I buy on a Gallery visit: Winnie the Pooh Exhibition.

Now I don’t know about any of you, but my mum and I’s favourite part of Galleries, bar the actual work itself is the shop. Anything we can find to bring home to remember the visit and the work is a must, especially if it’s not too expensive.

Clockwise from the top: 1 of 10 postcards, Tigger plush, Winnie the Pooh badge, 9/10 of postcards, Eeyore plush, Eeyore badge.




One of my all time favourite things to buy anywhere I go, especially Galleries, is postcards. It allows you to keep high resolution versions of your favourite pieces that you may have seen in the gallery as well as pieces you may have missed. I will eventually do a post on my ever-growing collection of postcards, however today we shall just focus on the ones I bought from the exhibition. If it’s a specific exhibition I’ve been too, I usually get all the postcards on it (like I did for this one) as usually they are relatively cheap, from 50p to £1, and they do a lot of deals on them, e.g. for this one it was 5 for a quid or two (I can’t remember the exact amount). Not only is this one of the cheapest sources of inspiration you can get from a Gallery shop, but they are also IDEAL for sketchbook work in GCSE’s or A-levels. Especially for Artist researches or responses, or maybe even the spider diagram stuff you have to do when you start a new theme (HaB_Art tip #5; you have no idea how long it took me to scroll through past posts to find out what number I was on). Now as you can see from the above picture there were 10 I bought, so I put the better pictures in a slideshow below if you are interested on seeing the pictures up close.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Icon for badgesBadges and other Nik-Naks:

I only usually buy badges or pencils on special exhibitions or of designs/works I really love, plus they’re also really cheap. I went for these as I really love E.H.Shepard’s way of sketching and sadly there was no pencils particularly for this exhibition. When we first went to the 100 Acre wood, my dad pointed out one of his sketches on the wall and showed me how even if it looks wrong you can sketch it over the top as many times as you want to get it right. That always stuck with me, so it was only fitting I got the badges to remember it by.

icon for plush toys

Plush toys:

This is just a habit of mine; ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell you I love stuffed toys. Childlike, probably, but I couldn’t not get these, they’re too adorable and from Winnie the Pooh, it would be criminal not to.



And that’s it. That’s my What’s in my pencil cases: Gallery Edition plus what I usually buy. My next aim is to write a post on my postcards at some point, as well as how to get the most out of Gallery visits inspiration wise. But for now, I’m happy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the V&A’s Winnie the Pooh exhibition, and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves Winnie the Pooh, sketching or exhibitions in general. I’ll leave a link below to the website for anyone interested and any of the stuff I had in my pencil cases I can link as well.

Until Next Time



Exhibition details: https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/winnie-the-pooh-exploring-a-classic

Cath Kidston Cases:

Products in the Pencil Cases:

My Links:



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