Inktober 2017 – Day Twenty Seven

Inktober 2017

When starting this one I wasn’t entirely sure what a Melder actually was. So I gave it a google and found multiple definitions on the Urban Dictionary.

Day 27, The Melder

Now I would’ve used the Oxford Dictionary one, however, I had no way of linking that to anything within my story. So, I went with this one:

“A machine namely made out of metal with the ability to combine two things into one.”

This one I felt I could actually use within my story, but as to how I wasn’t sure yet. So I went to my go to (Pinterest) and had a look around. I didn’t have a set image on what I wanted to do, so I was basically just looking for inspiriation. I found a few images I liked though.

Power Reactor - WIP
I really liked the size of this, as I didn’t want a huge machine to be drawn. But I wasn’t sure on how to incorporate this with the idea of Melder. Link Here.
The Glowing Red Eye
I liked this image, because it would help with the production side of a machine, as I could use the base as a drawer for the final production. Link Here.











Now it was just a case of combining the parts I like and putting them together.


The Drawing

I started with a HB pencil to put in all the detailing and construct the machine I wanted to make. I knew that Melder’s turn one thing to another, so I wanted to have it as a two part machine.

day 27 sketch
I’m not sure on what the machine will do/where it will be yet within the story so I have drawn in labels, but haven’t filled them in yet.

Next I used an 0.8 fine liner (slowly becoming my favourite one to use) and outlined and added shading to all the details.

day 27 2

When drawing it, I really liked the idea of highlighting the stone within the cage thing on the right. And since purple and yellow are such complimentary colours, thought I’d add a glow within that section to draw attention.

day 27 final
I tried to pull the colour out with more water to replicate a glowing effect with the cage. Worked well.

I really liked how the colour feature and the whole sketch came out. It was slightly out of proportion, but I can always go rework it later on.

Until Next Time



Inktober List I used:

Melder Definition I used:

Reference Pictures:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 


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