Inktober 2017 – Day Twenty Nine

Inktober 2017

The Slasher. I had to ponder a while about this, because I had an idea about. If you remember from Day 5 we had the protesters. Now some people in the story will know too much, and act upon it in the wrong ways. Obviously I can’t tell you why for spoilers, but within the Museum one of the paintings gets slashed by the protesters.

Day 29, The Slasher.

So from Day 5, I said that the Protesters call themselves “The Saviours”, well one went out of their way to try and frame a Destroyer (that’s all the detail I’ll give you). So I set about searching for something that upsets me greatly…destroyed art.

There wasn’t too much that wasn’t intentional within the art work but I found a few that I would like to use as reference.

Valerie Hegarty: Slash & Burn Art • Lazer Horse
This work is part of a series by Valerie Hegarty.    I really liked the effect within the wall as well as the painting, which I would like to incorporate within my sketch. Link Here.

I would also need a picture to use for shadow references, and how the light would be manipulated through and around the cut in the painting itself. So I found this one to help with that.

Lucio Fontana - Spatial Concept: Expectations (1960) | MoMa (New York)  Nouveau realisme
This is a piece from a series in MoMa by Lucio Fontana. Link Here.

Since it would be in the research centre I drew on Day 24 I thought I’d draw something for the frame similar to that theme of Port Royal.

reference day 29
I found this by Anton Atanasov Art which I thought was a good example of what would be featured in a research centre for Port Royal, Link Here.

So now just to put the them together.

The Drawing

I first started by drawing out the shape of what I wanted to be featured. I wanted the main frame to be centre and other photos be either side to frame focus. I did this all in a soft B.

sketch day 29
Apologies for the bad photo quality on this and the next one; my camera had a hard time on focusing.

I then added in colour with the water colour pencils. I didn’t want them to be focus, as the slashing was the main feature, so I added in blocks of colour and darker/lighter features within the colour to add a sort of shape. Then added water to blur them together.

day 29 2

To finish off I added in bold details with a brush tip pen, and finer shadowing with a 0.6 fine liner. I also so added some other intricate details, such as labels and shadowing on the actual slash.

day 29 final

Overall I liked the outcome. It was the effect I wanted and the juxtaposition between brush tip and fine liner didn’t over crowd the image unlike some others I did.

Not long left now,
Until Next Time.



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