Inktober 2017 – Day Twenty Five

Inktober 2017

Now an obvious one for this would to make it the villain/murderer. But I haven’t decided that one yet. So since that’s out the picture I’ll have to go for something else.

Day 25, The Masked One

When you think of a mask, you think of something covering identity. Now in terms of my story that could be anything. The Museum, all the characters, the murderer. So picking just one would be impossible. So, I’m picking an important one. Not the most important, but a semi important one. Obviously not going to explain why but I’ll explain my process.

I wanted a vault door. Like one of those super fancy ones, but with a small window. Wasn’t sure on what angle or what type of door, so I just searched vault doors into Pinterest and I got a few to choose from.

FuckYeah AbandonedPlaces
Link Here.

I absolutely love Steampunk, so this was probably one of my faves to research in terms of design. I also loved the angles of these two. Especially the abandoned one, but it wasn’t entirely what I was looking for in terms of this sketch. However I will use <——— this one at some point for this project, just not in Inktober.


I have always found bank vault doors  fascinating
Link Here.







This bank vault door looks almost as intricate as a Swiss timepiece
Link Here.


I loved the intricacies of this one however still wasn’t entirely what I wanted in this sketch, so I kept looking around until I found this one (below)

This is an old Bank Vault door that I seen on @ludlowblunt beautiful craftsmanship! The details are incredible. Often see some wonderful interesting images on my friends page @ludlowblunt the heritage mens hairdressers. Looking forward to making a cool glass sign for this stylish establishment . Starting it in January 2016.
Link Here.

So now to add all the components I liked and make the adjustments needed. This one was going to be tricky as if you’ve seen my other work and previous Inktobers. You know I don’t do precise very well.

The Drawing

I started out with a HB sketching out all the main shapes and blocking them in. It would be a zoom in shot on a section of the vault door, so it’ll be a lot of detail…something I’m not the best at doing, but it’s for Inktober.

day 25 sketch

Then, using the brush tip liner and the 0.6 fine liner, I filled in all the details I’d drawn out, making any adjustments when needed.

day 25 final

I tried to make it as symmetrical as possible, as it looked really cool in the reference images… but it’s literally impossible for me to do that. I tried, but, not everything was meant to be too precise in the first place anyways so it’s fine. It worked out really well and I think it’s my best use of ink yet.

Until Next Time.



Inktober List I used:

Reference Images:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 




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