Inktober 2017 – Day Twenty Eight

Inktober 2017

Master of Death. I had an idea from when looking for the previous day’s topic. So I saw this when scrolling around on Pinterest:

Harry Potter: T-Shirts
Link Here.

I was thinking that this was a symbol of  death.. in a way.. in Harry Potter, so, another symbol was the IIDs of The Ice Girls from Day 23. Them arriving is basically the symbol of death that has occurred, so their company would need a good logo design. I did want to theme it off of this sort of idea:

Link Here.

However, I had used this with the museum on Day 11. But, (for spoiler reasons that I can’t say) it can also work for the logo for the Ice Girls. So for the logo designs, this would be the basis I’d go from.

I then had a quick look around Pinterest for some inspiration on what sort of logo I’d want to produce. The hand would be the feature, as holding the hand of the IID would start the calming atmosphere (see Day 23 for full explanation). So I found a few images to go from.

Clever.  I like logos that make you think and evince thought.  Especially for a program that is going to offer lots of opportunities for critical engagement with discussion.
I liked the use of the hands within this logo. Link Here.
Hands.. I love the uniqueness of a person's hands but yet the shared traits of that run through a family line.
I loved the delicacy and simplistic approach this drawing had. The minimalist approach to it conveyed the powerful message. Link Here.


Helping hand
I loved how the hand was incorporated within this one. Simple yet effective. Link Here.



You don't understand how obsessed I am with double exposure.
I loved this double negative. The hand angle is exactly what I wanted, and I could start the design of the plate on the hands with this one. Link Here.

Now to put the ideas all together.

The Drawing

I started with a 3B to get in the angled shape and directionality of the hand. I used direct observation and the reference picture to do so. I then added in the plate in.

I then outline the whole thing in a 0.6 fine liner. However, the fingers did go a bit wrong.. but the overall sketch worked out okay. This is one of the reasons I’m not the biggest fan of ink, as it is a very permanent medium.

day 28 3

I then wanted to make the plate have a welcoming glow. I chose green and wanted to recreate a glowy effect similar to Day 27. I did add a bit too much colour, which I tried to water down best I could.

day 28 final

Overall the drawing could’ve been better, but also could’ve been worse. I will rework it at some point, however, for now it isn’t too bad, and gives me a better idea on plate design. Plus, since it’s a droid, it doesn’t have to be perfect, not all droids would look identical to humans.

Until Next Time.



Inktober List I used:

Harry Potter Logo Design:

Reference Images:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 


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