Inktober 2017 – Day Thirty One

Inktober 2017

Well, this is it, the last one. The last challenge topic to end Inktober. Despite the delays it has really been lots of fun to complete and I highly recommend any artist, hobbyist, anyone to try one of these sorts of challenges. I definitely think my ink work has improved and my story ideas have definitely advanced much further than they were before which I’m happy about. Even just looking at the most recent and the first one I drew, you can see so many differences in how I did the shading and my proportions.

Day 31, The Young Hero

Typical that on the last day I don’t know what to do for it. I don’t really have a young hero, so the only Young Hero that I could think of was the force that they work for that solves the crime. Therefore, I’d be making another logo. I haven’t got a name for them yet but I can work on the design anyways. I had a look in Pinterest to look for a nice badge design.


“I still have the badge you gave me”
Link Here.


met police - Google Search
Link Here.



// we never go out of style

Link Here.

Link Here.


The Badges seem to have one commonality, apart from saying Police, which was a crest or some sort of representation of their city. I decided the best one for the city that I haven’t fully decided on a name for yet is something to do with Rhea. As I’ve previously mentioned on other Day’s challenges (See Day 9 for the most info), Rheans have come from Rhea, the moon of Saturn to share cultures, and be a part of our society. This is obviously happening slowly and slowly spreading out. So the city we start in is one of the first to accept and bring in Rheans, because of this, the city’s Police Force badge I wanted to give a special and individual feel to it.

The Drawing

To start I used an HB to mark out the outlines of what I wanted. I really liked the idea of Rhea peaking over the Earth (despite not being correct in the actual positioning of Rhea to the Earth). However it showed the two separate but together. Then after finishing off the detailing, I felt like something was missing. Most have crests for their badges, or with the MET having the crown on top, so I thought I’d add the rings of Saturn as the finishing touch. I wanted the badge to have an individual feel, and this did the trick.

day 31 sketch

I then used a brush tip pen for the bigger markings and outlining, and used a 0.5 Pigma pen for the detailing. I also added a bit of a black background to allow the badge shape to stand out.

day 31 2

To finish up I thought I’d add a splash of colour to really bring out the details. I went for a gold to add to the Saturn feel, and the Earth and Rhea filled in as accurately as possible. I then added some pink, orange and a smidgen of blue to add to the layers of the rings.

day 31 final

I really liked the outcome of the badge. It’s how I think the harmony of two races would combine in the city that accepts the Rheans. I left it blank at the top for the name of the city..whatever I decide it to be.

So that’s it. Inktober all over and done with. Now will be just normal posts to do with whatever art I am doing around that time. I’m currently deciding between these two lists on what to do for next year’s Inktober. However, I do have plenty of time to decide.

Link Here.
Link Here.









But I will take a small break from all the Inktober posts, and then come back asap to give you guys some more Art related stuff. I really can’t stress enough have helpful and good this challenge has been though. Given me topics to draw, a new medium to tackle and improvements in the results. Not only this, but has given me a great start for my blog.

Until Next Time.



Inktober List I used:

Reference Images:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 




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