Inktober 2017 – Day Twenty Three

Inktober 2017

When looking up ideas for this one in Pinterest I had a few ideas I could go with, but then after seeing a past picture I had pinned a while ago, a new idea sprung to mind.

Day 23, Ice Girls

Like I just said, I had several ideas for this one. With not an entire outcome clear in my head. Originally I was going for a more icy look, maybe just an eye, blue to match the icy. Someone connected to the murder? Then I saw a picture in one of my Pinterest boards when looking for another (never actually found it).

Photograph Irene by Konstantin Kryukovskiy on 500px
That picture was this one. The expression gave me the idea. Because of the Depth of Field, it’s the immediate focus, with the neck, shoulders, ears/edges of the head and hand blurred. Link Here.

The face showed expression. Sympathy? Longing? but the body language didn’t match, almost robotic. Then it hit me. One of the hardest things in solving crime, bar the actual finding out who did it, is telling someone they lost a loved one, a friend, a colleague etc.. It’s a hard job to do. So why not allow a droid to do it.

artmaniacsblog: “Dolores Disassambled by Oliver Wetter ”
This is another image I had saved as well, and this matches my idea perfectly for the type of droid I wanted. Link here

The Ice Girls are androids which are either alone or in a pair. Their role is to offer calming atmosphere and comfort the victim’s family and friends whilst recording vital information concerning the case. Their circuitry emits a field of enhanced chemicals which are Norepinephrine and Serotonin inhibitors. Norepinephrine (When a person is at jeopardy, this hormone works to provoke the stress hormone making the person more alert and focused.) and Serotonin (helps make one feels energetic and calm throughout the day) aid in comfort of the person long term. The Androids then record the entire session (with consent) and are specifically programmed to ask the right questions to the situation as well as keeping a nice atmosphere. The effects of the androids are long term and of course all occur within consent of the individual. If not a human would take on that role minus the the atmosphere. The Ice Girls’ actual names are unknown as they gave themselves their own names with no need to mention them. Their professional names are Inhibitory Inquisition Droids, or IID’s for short. (Quite funny actually, did a quick google after I gave them the name IID’s. Turns out that acronym is used for Internal Affairs… fitting. Looks like I know what department the Ice Girls work for now) To trigger the atmosphere you have to touch the plate in their hands.

Now for the actual sketch, which my theme has been the character’s opening scenes, like most things you’d need permission for them to be used on the individual involved. So how better than to ask for this with a nice informative leaflet. It essentially outlines all the necessary info and how they work. The leaflet about them is given shortly after detectives arrive, and their atmosphere has a cold tingle. That’s why they are given the nickname of Ice Girls, not only for the cold feeling, but also for the metaphor of icing the person over to protect them. For how I wanted them portrayed in this instance though is through that leaflet, so I asked a handy dandy Irishman to help with reference photos.

The idea I wanted to create was that the Officer/Detective etc would give the news then offer the leaflet offer if they’d like the IDD’s or a Human. So that’s the pose I positioned Ross in to use.

The Drawing

This one, ended up a complete disaster. Did not like it. Looked terrifying. But I will tell you how I did this monstrosity anyways.

Started in an HB, and worked in the layering of details. I used photoshop to help with angling the reference picture (didn’t help me too much on helping her be less scary but hey ho.

day 23 sketch 1


ref day 23 of.jpg


day 23 add
Thought I could fix it with ink. Nope.

Used thin fine liners for this one because of the detail. The hand, was fine. Did what I wanted it to. Sadly, sometimes (a lot actually) it just doesn’t go the way you want to. In my case, the nose ruined it. And she turned out terrifying and I didn’t like it. But like I say throughout this blog, I will REWORK the hell out of this one.


Lets just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the IIDs were offered to people and they screamed and slammed the door in their faces. I would. The only thing I like about this drawing is the hands and the handwriting. Kinda frustrated the face didn’t work out as I really liked the whole idea of the IIDs and the Ice Girls. Just how it goes I guess.

If there was ever a post to prove that reworking is definitely a must with most sketches, my god this is it. Super frustrated, I wanted this to turn out so much better.

Until next time.



Inktober List I used:

Hormones research:

Reference Pictures:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

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