Inktober 2017 – Day Twenty One

Inktober 2017

The Doctor of Webs was another tricky one for me to figure out. I didn’t have a plan for this one at all. There was no character that matched it. I did, however, eventually figure out a concept for this.

Day 21, The Doctor of Webs

I had initially first thought of a web of the case. Y’know, those old ones with the strings attaching to cases,suspects, evidence etc. But I knew if I did that it would take a long time, as I’d have to take in to account the entire case and structure, which I was no where near finishing, let alone barely scratching the surface. Plus I’d also need a character within the police force who would be nick named the Doctor of Webs for this purpose, when I would actually want him to play a bigger part than just do the webs of the cases. So I continued to think about it that evening, when Ross and I were watching an old episode of CSI.

webs day 21 2

webs day 21
These were the images and initial ideas I had had for the character. Could you tell we were just watching Sherlock Holmes last night?

Gil Grissom’s office somewhat defined him in the show, so I wanted this to be the same for the Doctor of Webs. He would be able to get information in an unknown fashion and never be seen, clearly anyways, but trusted. He was a trusted informant for the Police and always got information needed. But the main aspect I would always want him to be known for was his office of spiders. A metaphor for how he worked, and maybe eventually a clue to his identity? (spoilers) However, that was what I was going to go with. And Grissom’s office was the perfect reference I’d need.

Found a replica from one of my favourite serial killer cases on the show. This screenshot was from a blog I found (here) and it was perfect for helping me use Grissom’s office as reference.
Parenting - This is Marco's father he was rarely there for him and only helped him with training. Alexander was a symbol because he was a bad parent, but through being neglected Marco learn how to make his own decisions. Making his own paths helped him learn what was right and what was wrong.
This is actually a cover to the book “The Map of Time” by Felix J. Palma. Link to this image here.

If you are familiar with the pilot of CSI you know that the ‘new’ CSI for the lab, Holly Gribbs, came wandering into his office and weaved through his numerous bug collections. I wanted that sort of entrance/introduction to the Doctor of Webs. So layers of different exhibits blocking the view of him as well as the majority of his office. An earlier image I originally pinned in my Inktober board would fit this perfectly ————->

I also took the time to look through some images of spiders. The idea for this one would be every time you went to consult with him, you’d see another part of the office, but never knowing how big it is; another metaphor for how ‘big his web of knowledge’ actually is. Now to get cracking with designing his office.

The Drawing

I started with an initial sketch in a HB to get a rough idea of placements of exhibits and a faint outline of him. The lighting would also be bright at the top, but little of it to shadow his face. The spiders enclosures would also be lit with faint lighting to either keep them alive or for visitors to be aware of where not to go I guess. So I mapped this all out lightly and added to it with a 4B.



day 21 sketch 2

I then went in with 3.0 fine liners and a brush tip ink pen to work in the details. I also kept the Doctor of Webs himself in pencil, partly because I wasn’t sure on positioning yet and partly because I wanted to fill the back in black, but was slightly too scared on him not being visible. So I left it for now and I’ll add in all that later on when I rework it.


I REALLY liked the outcome for this, and I have also managed to develop a little on my use of the ink, as it doesn’t look as overcrowded as my previous drawings have been. I will definitely be reworking this though to get the actual Doctor correct. However, this has been one of my favourite outcomes so far.

Until next time



Inktober List I used:

Initial Ideas reference images:

Reference images of Grissom’s Office:

Reference Images for spider details:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 


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