Inktober 2017 – Day Twenty

Inktober 2017

To make a change of pace, I had actually had an idea that sort of fit this description. It was originally meant to be a receptionist though. However, Librarian may work better. Who knows, maybe could be both?

Day 20, The Old Librarian

Now, I haven’t entirely figured out the importance of this character yet…and I can’t tell you why either for spoiler reasons. Which also means I can’t tell you anything about them. Which sucks. I can however tell you about the image that I’ve had from the beginning of this idea, which is the main scene. The main image that’ll either finish the story or start it (bar the burning man of course).

day 20 ref
This is a photo of some of the original sketches I had decided to do right back when I started thinking of this idea. I had to blur out what the writing said because spoilers, the the top image is what I wanted to use.

Using the image above I used a lanyard of my own to do reference images. I took a few to see the sort of effects, what angles and proportions I wanted. I decided on the large one on the left hand side.

Now I had the components I needed, time to draw it out.

The Drawing

To start with I started penciling in all the details. Getting the directions of the loops of the right way (funny thing, noticed after posting this page I missed the end of a loop. It’s okay there’s always a rework) and putting in all the shading I’d want. My plan was to keep everything in pencil bar the actual tag, as that would be the focus.

day20 sketch

I then added in the ink with a brush tip fine liner. I made sure to keep the lines clean and the keep the shadows and shading simple.


I reallllly liked the outcome of this. I kept the lines clean and precise (which is rare for me) and the overal look looked great. I really like this one.

Webs next, going to be interesting.



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