Inktober 2017 – Day Nineteen

Inktober 2017

The Druid Spawn. This one took FOREVER to research, and a lot of pestering Ross about what they were, sites, etc.. I tried my best, and hope I don’t offend anyone.

I wanted to link back to one of my previous characters I made allllll the way back in Day 3. However, I was unaware of what the Druids actually were. After a brief google, I located the history of them in Ireland. So, I did a lot of asking Ross (Who is Irish) and was informed they were Celts who were a form of priests as Pagans. However, once Saint Patrick came to Ireland and converted the country to Christianity they were no more, instead taking roles of judges, poets and historians. Some still practice it today, and I spent a long while just reading and learning. One of my favourite things to do as a child actually, so nice blast from the past.

I wanted to somehow mix this into the story, but I’m not sure how they were going to mix in. Ross also informed me that they also used to be known as sorcerers with magic powers as they were chosen. This gave me an idea to mix this into.

The character from Day 3 was one of a race who were called the Spawners. They were an ancient race formed when the Druids were ones who were the chosen ones. They passed down powers to those were chosen but never given the title of chief. Therefore they weren’t really known outside their society circle. They taught their powers down the generations, and when the druids eventually went out of power they continued in secret.

Day 19, The Druid Spawn

I really wanted to incorporate some current and ancient temple designs in the drawing. Obviously since the Spawners were secret they would have the same designs to blend in but different in their own way.

When looking around for inspiration I had found many things, but this one intrigued me.

Now I didn’t have a picture of this place myself or one that was similar ish. But I found some from Costa Rica and Greece I could combine.
ref day 19.jpg
I took this one from my holiday in Greece as the sedimentary rocks would work well with the appearance I wanted to give.


A photo from Costa Rica just above the place in the picture below. Has the rocks and foliage I would want to tie it into the first picture.


day 19 ref 2.jpg
This one had the sea element that I really wanted to incorporate and the entrance to one of the caves in Costa Rica.


I also found these two images from Costa Rica I wanted to incorporate into it. Purely because of the style of the caves.

Once I had found a feel of the sort of things I wanted, I then researched some more on the symbols representing the Druids and paganism that I could use. There were so many I found, mainly in the La Tene style, which was a really interesting read. So I saved them all in my Interest Inktober boards. If you’d like to look through them all the link is here.

So now to start combining.

The Drawing

I initially started by layering up the elements I wanted within the picture. So the cliff and landscape of the first image, the cliff edges of the caves in the second and third, and the detail of the fourth. I then used my board as reference to add in small carving details.

day19 sketch
I had a lot of trouble with the Triad symbol and proportions, still doesn’t look right to me in the final image, but hey ho.

I then used different sized fine liners and brush tips to add in the details, and I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I liked each component, including the slightly out of proportion triad on the sand. But as it was an ink sketch, and as I’ve complained before, everything looks wayyyyy too overcrowded for my liking. Even as an Expressionist it’s too much for me.

day 19 2

So taking each element into account, I decided to add some colour to the two aspects which were really different to tell apart in my opinion. The sand and water. The rocks and mountains I liked plain, added more focus to them in a way.

day 19 final

Overall I’m not sure on whether I like the outcome. I also now noticed the top of the mountain is white, but I’m gonna go with it. May be even make it a snowy scene when I rework it properly. But for now, it’ll do. I loved how the cave came out at least.

Interesting one next.



Inktober List I used:

Druid Research: A lot I found out was from Ross, but I found a few things to help back up what he’d learnt in A-level.

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 

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