Inktober 2017 – Day Seventeen

Inktober 2017

The Nightmare. With this one only one thing sprang to mind. The nightmare for all involved, all secrets spilled, the beginning that started the domino effect of everything being thrown up in the air. That nightmare would be the murder that started it all. The murder that revealed a city’s secrets in under two years (ish, haven’t decided a full time line yet). But this is where I will go with this one.

Day 17, The Nightmare

I wasn’t sure how to make this one. Whether to make it a significant piece of evidence, the crime scene, the briefing. I wanted to make it easy to relate to. So as a Forensic Science student, how would I, acting as a crime scene investigator, would first see a scene as a nightmare. Well, that would be contaminated evidence or not getting the culprit. But I couldn’t figure out how to convey that as an image that would be instantly recognised by anyone as a nightmare. So I flipped it, how would the public see this at a nightmare or get people scared. Easy. Crime Scene tape.

People see the tape as a sign of something bad. The cordon that the First Officer on scene would put up, the first thing that’s done at a crime. So now I just had to figure out a composition. If I left the tape the background of a scene, it’s hard to see with ink because it could be overcrowded. So it would be the main focus.

Took to Pinterest to see what I could find fitting the idea I had in my head. I found a few good images and some interesting things too.

creativebrainwash: “For this page I wanted to create a crime scene. So the strips are part of police line, which may not be crossed. Behind the line you can see a dead bloody body. This is one of my...
This was one of my favourite things I saw. It was such a simple idea for one of those wreck this journal things that worked really effectively. If I ever do one of those this is an idea I’d experiment with. Read more about it Here.

For my actual ideas though I found a few good images to go on.

#photo #dark #detective
I LOVED the idea of this one. I didn’t obviously want to copy it exactly, but for a future image I may use this idea. Too cool.
It's tempting to get carried away with Halloween decorating and add every creepy prop you find. But for a unique DIY treatment for your house and yard, pick a ghoulish theme. Like one of these:
This one had the directionality of the tape I wanted (except flipped) but the background was 1. too small to be a legit cordon and 2. not what I wanted the scene to look like. So I’ll use this for direction reference.
"W-what happened this time?" "Seems like whatever or whoever did this has gotten…
This one had more of the idea I wanted, except the focus of the depth of field being on the foreground rather than the background.


I also found this as well, Loved/needed it too much not to include it.

Now I haven’t decided how the scene would look yet. So all the details I may just pencil in as I go for a guideline to work into later.

The Drawing

Like I said I would be doing with the background, I messed about with a layout using the reference images as a guidance. I sketched out an initial plan and tried my best with the lettering..also not a particular strong point of mine.

day 17 sketch

I then went over the details in a new ink brush I got. (Few new pens and brush tip ones to mess about with, blog post on them after Inktober). I then thought I’d take inspiration from how I’d do the background from Day 13, as not only were the pencil marks hard to see, but I wanted a few parts to be bolder and more contrasted.

day 17 final
As you can see, I also included the all important building in the background centre from Day 13.

I do like the outcome produced. I love the effect the new brush pen has given, as well as the fact it gives me a guideline as to how the original Burning Man crime occurs. Now I just have to go from that to advance the story further. But it’s great that these topics are giving more of a timeline and a better idea of important events to my story.

Until next time



Inktober List I used:

Inspiration/Refence images:

Super Ultracool scarf that I need but it sadly not for sale atm:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 


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