Inktober 2017 – Day Eighteen

Inktober 2017

The Beast is today’s topic. I once again haven’t got a character to match this sort of thing. So I’m going to go a bit astray with it… again.

So when I think of a Beast that isn’t to do with an animal, some people (especially when growing up) would refer to things as Beast. Since my story is based in a Museum, the thing that would be beast would be the exhibits or the views. Since I’m not sure what exhibits would be in yet, I went for one of the spheres’ contents.

Day 18, The Beast

I went back through my old photos from holidays again (seem to be my go to at the moment) and found some nice photos I’d taken. This was the Acropolis in Lindos where my family and I visited in Greece last year. Really hot but full of history and looked so nice. I’m certain some of the Greek Temples, like the Temple of Olympian Zeus or Meteora would be preserved, so why not this one. Especially when the town below the Acropolis is just as spectacular as the temples.

Now it was just a case of finding the perfect picture.

DSC_0122 edited
Part of the Doric temple of Athena Lindia, one of my FAVOURITE pictures from my holiday to Greece last year, which would for sure be included in a sphere in the Museum. As good as it is though, it’s not the beast view I had been visualising for the sketch.
DSC_0121 editied
Another view of the Doric temple of Athena Lindia, definitely something I’m looking for, lots of depth within the photo. Shame I didn’t have a photo with the sea and beach views behind but this will do.


The Drawing

I wanted the column on the side to frame the right edge. So I had to realter the image slightly to get that effect.

day 18 sketch
I started with a light sketch building out and using lines to frame the correct directionality of the bricks and enabling myself to get the proportions right.

I then went in with the ink, using thinner fine liners for the background and the brush tip for the foreground.

day 18 2
This aided a contrast between the back and foreground that I wanted with the picture.
day 18 final
I then added some people way back in the furthest background areas. Although in the museum it was also a tourist attraction, so it made sense. But I didn’t want them to be in the main focus, hence using pencil.

I really liked the outcome, however I wished I’d planned positioning a little better so I couldve fit the far left wall in to frame the image in both the brush tip foreground and fine liner background. Nevertheless I can still rework it at a later date.

Until next time.



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