Inktober 2017 – Day Sixteen

Inktober 2017

So, uh, I had a look at the list I’m currently using. Should’ve spotted this really, since there’s no way a 31 day list would be evenly laid out into two columns and match up perfectly symmetrical.

day 16
Link to the original post of this list (that I found) here:


As you can see 16 is missing. So I was a little stuck on what to do. I of course could’ve gone for a different theme on a different list (rules allow that as long as it’s the same day) but since I’ve been working solidly on this one, I didn’t want to just change for one. I then discussed ideas with Ross on my two choices. He liked my ideas of either a mid challenge review on how I’d been doing with a different medium to usual (fine liner instead of paint/charcoal/digital) or, since I’ve been saying it so damn often in these posts it’s basically become a catchphrase, do a digital rework of my favourite. And after many a ponder I decided to do both. So this one is going to be slightly different but fun, as you get to see more progression on the development of this story/ideas/challenge etc. Lets get cracking.

Day 16, Mid Challenge Review and Reviewed Rework

I’ll start with the review. I thought I’d start with this by comparing how I’ve developed during this challenge, and what better way to do so than looking at my most recent image produced from this challenge, Day 15, compared to some of my favourites of experimentation, Day 13, one of my favourites in terms of shading and use of ink, Day 7 and the first one I did for this challenge, Day 1.

Inktober Day 1 - An Old Hero
Day 1 – The Old Hero
Day7 final
Day 7 – The Shadow
Day 13 – The Earth Mover
Day 15 final
Day 15 – The Leaf Girl

I think throughout the challenge, I’ve definitely got some improvement with my ink work. I’ve managed to start developing my use of ink, the pressure of the pen as well as the amount of shading and cross-hatching I do. I don’t think Day 15 is a very good example of my development of the ink, as it was a very small sketch and not meant to be very detailed. However, it is possible to still see the use of directionality within the shading. I’m also really not very good at using ink, as to me it’s way too precise and doesn’t go well with my personal expressionist style. So doing this challenge would really be super difficult to do, but it really is going well. Bar the delay with the posts (I’m getting there I’m sorry).

Another thing I’ve really loved about the challenge is the fact I’ve found new techniques, like using the water coloured pencils and finding new artists and ways to add to my sketches. Without Inktober I also wouldn’t have advanced so many more ideas for my stories or my character ideas and designs.

The Drawing

When reworking the work I wanted to focus on what I couldn’t do with the fine liner and what I could do with Photoshop. One of those main features is get colour in properly, and allow to add detail without it blurring into the other lines. So colour would become the main priority when reworking it. I also wanted to allow the shadow to be more of the focus rather than merging into the picture’s lines. I would be doing this by layering up the colour and blending through brushstrokes, which is my usual style of expressionist.

Firstly I would start by removing the camera distortion then adding another layer on top and outlining the original image in blue to pick out the main features I want to add in and also marking out where the shadows will be hitting the face.. This allows me to use it as a template to draw a new base to work from.

I then loosely put in the blocks of colour using another reference of the original picture. Luckily I used one of Eddie Redmayne, so there were tons to choose from. I used one of his pictures as reference to get the colour schemes right for the eyes and the base skin tone. I then started layering different opacity layers of colour and shading to bring to life the eye area of the face. I then layered the original image on top on a lower opacity to be able to figure out where to place the shadow.

day 7 16 rework
When adding the shading, usually it would be a lot more blended and with less defined marks. But I wanted to keep it in theme with Inktober, even though it was digitally done.

I then used a natural brush on Photoshop to layer in very low opacity black shadows, layering them up as I went to produce the shadows I wanted. Focusing particularly on the direction and placement of them. I then added in a black background to the original first layer, and it was complete.

Day 7 16 final
I added hints of highlights of a warm yellow to the brightest parts of the face. Since this technically is the Burning man (from Day 4) I wanted to add that aspect in the rework when I couldn’t in the original ink drawing.

Inktober is going really well for what I expected to happen. Not only has it allowed me to advance my own project ideas and get me improving in another medium (I love to be able to do a variety and be flexible with art) but it’s also got me to kick start my blog. Yes I may be delayed on a few posts with uni work and my Dad’s birthday and lots of other bits and bobs that have caused me to be super delayed. But I’m really enjoying doing it. So I would recommend to anyone who wants to get more creative, try something new, love ink, or just bored to try one of these drawing challenges.

See you for Day 17



Inktober List I’ve used:

Reworked Work:            

   References from Day 7: 

Reference Eye Image:

Reference Shadow Image:

Reference for skin tones:

My pinterest boards for references to help you practise poses/hair/face etc:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 

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