Inktober 2017 – Day Fifteen

Inktober 2017

As I had previously said on Day 14, I was struggling with an idea on what to do for this day. However, I found a little bit of luck. So instead of scrolling through Pinterest and finding inspiration from ideas, I literally just typed in Leaf Girl and as luck would have it, it actually gave me an idea.

Day 15, The Leaf Girl

The image that gave me inspiration was the one below. I’d been trying to figure out how to link it to some sort of character, and this one gave me an idea.

Classic Leaf and Branch Tattoos on Shoulder for Girls

This image got me thinking. Since the story revolved around hidden pasts and mysterious and interesting characters, I thought I’d make a full out completely mysterious character. I also thought I’d add in a bit of Rhean. Since the Rhean’s have interesting markings across their skin, several tattoo places opened around the areas they flourish to replicate these, since they’re born with them.

Now I had an idea for a character I needed an introductory setting. Since it was a mystery character, I thought of a busy setting, one that doesn’t allow them to be picked out easy. My first thought was busy streets, night life, but it isn’t really easy to show through ink.

Manhattan at night, it was very busy when we were walking around Manhattan at night.


I had a look around anyways but couldn’t find anything that would help. So I went to my own photos, old holiday ones to be exact. Generally just looking for busy sections I may have coincidentally snapped. I had.

Ref image day 15.jpg

Not quite the amount of crowds I was hoping for, but it helped settle on what gender, since the only person who had a neck visible with their back to me (my original idea from the inspiration image) was the girl on the right side in the white and blue pinstripe dress. She was now my Leaf Girl. Now to draw.

The Drawing

Originally, I was going to do the closest girl on the furthest right. However, once I’d started sketching it out, I really didn’t like how it was going to turn out. The hand looked too placed for what I was going for and the placement of the tattoo was not where I wanted it. So I went for the girl in the white pinstriped dress/romper thing.

day 15 sketch
When sketching this out, I wasn’t sure what to do with the background. I decided on sketching a few things in the background in the picture that wouldn’t be too contrasting if I later change the ground.

 When lining in the pen for the main Leaf Girl, I decided that I wanted to make it either a picture someone took or CCTV footage, so I used the pencil to recreate depth of field as well as maybe a blurred image.

Day 15 final
When putting in the tattoo, I wanted to replicate a sort of Rhean design, but also look like leaves, so this is what came from it.

For what I aimed for, I do like the image. However, I think I could’ve done more with the background, maybe a splash of colour. But as usual I’m way too scared to put too much in ink drawings as I’m afraid of overcrowding or overwhelming the ink drawings.

Day 16 next with a twist. You eagle eyed readers may have already noticed, but I did not, so this will be interesting.



Inktober List I used:

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