Inktober 2017 – Day Twelve

Inktober 2017

The Artist. I haven’t entirely decided whether she will be a main character or not, but she is one of the main detectives on the case of the burning man. The story line follows her and her colleges in solving the murder as well as uncovering all the secrets surrounding it.

Day 12, The Artist

The only initial ideas I had had about this character is the last Lego Figurine I had made from the 3 pack set. So I went from this idea, and the features I had available at the Lego store, and took influence from it and took to Pinterest.

Day 12 ref
The last of the Lego figures I made in the London Shop. This one will be the one I use for reference today.

I didn’t have any pictures on my boards that would match this idea so I went researching across Pinterest to find some sort of a starting point. Despite the fact I had had an idea for this one, I was struggling to push forward with it. I think it was because the Artist is a broad character, as well as the fact that that isn’t her main role, it’s just her hobby. Either way I found a few pictures to go for. Since I wasn’t sure (like all the characters) on how they would be first introduced. Since she was a character of importance, I thought it would be best to find a cover art design to portray her as. Since I was looking for some sort of silhouette, I found this interesting piece.

Installation Art..."Light is time" Installation, by Citizen & Yutaka Endo.
“Light is time” Installation, by Citizen & Yutaka Endo

This was a installation by Citizen & Yutaka Endo called “Light is time”. This piece is not only a wonderful use of space for an installation, but also linked well to my Museum (can’t tell you too much, too much spoilers). So I started looking more into this installation on pinterest, looking at the creative pictures people have taken from it and found this one

Renowned Japanese watch manufacturer CITIZEN recently unveiled a stunning installation called LIGHT is TIME at Milan Design Week. Displayed in the Triennal
After reading more about it, I found it was made from the metal main plate bases of watches held on hooks by metal threads. Read More Here:

This was exactly the idea I wanted to do for the character. Strong silhouette in front of a bright backdrop. For the actual image I wasn’t sure whether to make the background the city scape or the actual museum, but that would ruin my grand reveal of (an initial first sketch) of what the museum will look like. So I decided to settle for the city scape. However, since I want this to be a new city, I would have to plan the buildings/shops/etc. So, for now, it will be a load of pencil sketches (Similarly to Day 4 & 5) to build up the backdrop, and I’d focus on the silhouette being the main image at this point. However, when I did eventually digitally rework this, then once the designs for each of the buildings is complete, I’d add them in the background.

Next decision was the decided on where to place and positioning on the Artist. I wasn’t sure on whether to use the same position in the installation picture (above) or to try something different. I came across a numerous amount of images to experiment and play around with.

story inspiration, writing inspiration, character inspiration, mystery
I loved the intense stare and look within this image, and had similar to hair to the Lego figurine I have been using as reference. However, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use this for her initial first look and maybe should be saved for more intense scenes
cool concept art - Google Search
Initially going for this sort of thing would’ve helped with the whole Sci-Fi appearance. However, one (and one of the only things) I’ve realised with fashion, is that they repeat themselves. So too futuristic for a detective job I don’t think would’ve represented what life may be like in that time period

Marlene Dietrich wearing slacks. She was one of the first female stars in Hollywood to be photographed in pants.
I decided to go for this sort of look. Not only is it the smart look of an office, but also practical. I may add a different kid of jacket, maybe one similar to the Red Woman on Day 11, however for now this was what I would settle on
Book Character: Poppy (Penelope) --- (Imogen Poots)
Eventually I decided on this sort of pose. Not only did it introduce her features, face and character well, but also portrayed the kind of importance (her being one of the main detectives) she had with a city scape in the background


Now I had decided on clothing, position and type of backdrop, all that was needed now was to tie them all in together.

The Drawing

I had a little more difficulty with positioning with this one, more than normal. I really couldn’t decide where to put her, what to put in and what I wanted featured. In fact, I completely changed my previous idea entirely, to not ruin day 13 (exciting tension for you there). So did a rework on, well, pretty much the entire sketch. The position of the character, the place and the scenery (see below).












However, once I started adding in pen, I really liked the whole appeal, and she became a lot more how I wanted her to by the end. Few tweaks here and there, but I can rework once I’ve done the challenge.

I really enjoyed doing the whole background in pencil and pen on top (See Day 4 for first idea of this trick)

Once I had rubbed out the pencil, I filled in some parts I missed then I was complete. I’ve also noticed when using fine liners you don’t need to sketch as much with the pencil, as the ink does that for you, which is a nice tip to know (HaB_Art tip #4)


The Earth Mover is next, and it’s the one I’ve been waiting for, and referencing pretty much all the time in these past blog posts..almost as much as the reworking digitally.

Till then




Inktober List I used:

Lego Store site for mini figure feature “Build a mini tower” details:

Installation information:

Reference Image for considered pose:

Reference Image for clothing:

Reference Image for chosen position:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 


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