Inktober 2017 – Day Thirteen

Inktober 2017

The Earth Mover is the theme for today. I have a plan for this as well. I have been hinting about it the entire time I have been doing Inktober, but the main part of my story, apart from the actual murder and what not, is the Museum. The Museum, still without a name, but is yet to be designed. So hearing the Earth Mover, with the design still yet to be drawn, I just had to give this a go.

Day 13, The Earth Mover

So I had a few ideas on what I wanted this building to look like. I knew the features I just had to put idea to paper. Since I’m not an architect or someone who has particularly had experience in designing buildings, this was going to be a challenge. So, as with everything in this challenge, I took to Pinterest and started searching for futuristic designed buildings.

These two images were one of the first buildings I saw to give me inspiration on the Museum itself.

I loved the orbs hanging from the building and the layered effect. Link:


This one, I loved the sphere design and the colours used for the lighting & reflections. Link:

These images were ones I had found for influence on designing my building.

RosamariaGFrangini | Architecture Buildings | Grattacielo (m) (Skyscraper)…
Loved the layering within this building, and the gardens. Not sure about the actual colour scheme or practicality and realism of it being made, but I’d for sure take designs from that.
The New York Tower / One Madison Avenue Tower, New York City designed by Daniel Libeskind Architects :: 54 floors, height 274m :: proposed, on hold
I LOVED the cut outs within this building, and the fact it’s an add on to a previous one. This sort of design would make sense for this building due to the sort of things that would be part of of the museum, however they may be more in the research centres rather than the actual building. But will be using this for sure.
Ref day 13
I also found this building which had similar window designs to the building above I liked.
I’m not sure whether I’d use it for the museum due to it not being a skyscraper and being unsure on how I’d be able to make that into one, however I’d definitely use it for one in the museum’s research centre or something like that.  Link:
Qatar Navigation Tower, Doha, Qatar designed by MZ Architects :: 53 floors, height 209m [Future Architecture:]
I wasn’t sure about the shape of this one, but I really liked the window design on the front.
A Manhattan developer plans to bring a mammoth skyscraper to downtown Denver. The structure would not only stand as the city’s tallest building, it would dwarf its closest competition by 286 feet (87 meters).
Wasn’t sure about the decking design with this building, but I loved the shape of the main tower



















The Drawing


For the actual drawing I want to try something different. When I was searching around for reference images, I found this work by Sunga Park.

I loved how different it was and how the water colour juxtaposed the detailed sketches of the building and how it gave a gorgeous result. I’ll have to try this properly at some point, but since I’m not entirely sure on how the museum will fully look yet, this techniques gives room for the ideas I have planned and the gaps I will fill in digitally.










So when doing the actual designing of the building I played with a few designs, before I thought I settled on a final plan (see below). However, I really wasn’t happy with that bottom left hand corner edge. It just didn’t seem right, so like my motto pretty much is, I reworked the entire design, incorporating pretty much all I could from all the buildings I’d seen on Pinterest.

day13 skkeetch
Original sketch
day13 sketch2
Reworked sketch

Once I’d finalised a design (Which I ended up altering anyways some more later on) I added in some colour with water colour pencil. Replicating Park’s designs would’ve been a lot easier with actual water colour paint, but I soon found out topping up colour with pencil really isn’t that easy. So I tried my best to merge the colours I wanted and create a skyline in the background with the colour that was left on my brush.


When adding in detail with ink, I went for small clusters of it. So I’d only arrange and detail small sections which were important or certain. I ended up just playing with it, which is best when exploring new techniques. I also really enjoyed this technique and will definitely be playing with this more in my own projects.


Overall this challenge day was one of my favourites. Not only did I really enjoy doing it , and putting to paper what I had been visualising for years now. But I really loved messing around with the designs, and trying this technique, which I probably wouldn’t have found without this challenge. I also loved the overall outcome and am excited to properly rework it digitally (you guessed it) when it comes to finalising designs.

I really don’t know how to approach the next one, but I hope I think of something.




Inktober List I used:

Original inspiration image for building:

Original inspiration image for Spheres:

Reference image for building layering: (This was the only link given on the site and that I could find, but I didn’t want to sign up to Microsoft so I hope it’s correct)

Reference image for building cut outs:

Reference image for building windows:

Reference image for building shape:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 





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