Inktober 2017 – Day Eleven

Inktober 2017

The Red woman. I have had an idea for this sort of character for a while, but didn’t know how to start. If you’ve looked through my Pinterest boards (See links below), you’ll know I have a range of images in my character design board full what seems like random pictures that look like they really don’t belong. They all do belong in one way or another, I’ve usually saved them for position, colours, styles, shapes etc, so anything I like the look of for a character I save there. There are also pictures in there that I love and will definitely use, and I know how and why but don’t know where to begin, until I started doing this challenge.

Day 11, The Red Woman

There’s been a few images in that board that I’ve loved and wanted to use but didn’t know where to begin. However, the idea of the Red Woman tied these images that I’ve liked perfectly. The Red Woman, is someone who works at the museum. She’s in charge of giving tours and does research on one of the spheres within the museum. She also wears the uniform that the tour guides do in the museum, which has the hand badge pin (Obviously since the pins are someone else’s creation I’ll have to adapt it in the rework).

ref 11
I chose to use this picture as I loved not only the position of the girl, but also her expression. It showed a lot of curiosity, which this character has a lot of.
ref11 2
As a big fan of steampunk, this coat was always going to be used, and since it was dark blue it worked as a complimentary colour to the badge.
ref 11 3
Since seeing this, I thought this would symbolise a “helping hand” which a tour guide would be

The Drawing

So Since I was doing a lot more detail on the face in this one, I opted for a 4H. This would allow me to layer light strokes to build up the features in proportion. So with the reference images in mind, I started building up all the different features.

Day 11 sketch
When designing the character, I wanted the main focus of this shot to be on the hand pin. Since I haven’t decided when you will meet her, the key features are things about here I want the viewer to notice

After drawing the key features I went over it in my angled fine liner, I did mess up on the teeth a little, so I adjusted accordingly and I’ll add them in when I rework the image. When going back in I focused on the direction of the shading of the face and on the clothing.

Day 11 1

When I completed the outline, I wanted to add the aspect of the red woman that would also make her recognisable. So I went in with some water colour pencils, and layered up several red and brown tones. I then went back in with some water and used the bristles of the paintbrush to help replicate the split end strands at the end of the hairs. I do this by dragging the brush from the parting down, following the lines I’ve already drawn, I then flicked the brush up at the end to make fine points.

Day 11 final

I was contemplating for a while whether to add the deep blue of the coat in as well, however, I felt that it would remove some of the focus from the red hair. So, (as you know by now) I will rework into it digitally to add the right colours in. I also may rework the pin badge with a different design to push it to the right timezone. Maybe with some Rhean background? (See Day 10 for more info)

Anyways, The Artist next, in comes one of the main characters.



Inktober List I used:

Woman Reference image:

Coat Reference image and link to buy:

Reference image of the pin:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 

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