Inktober 2017 – Day Ten

Inktober 2017

Okay, I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been super busy, SO, I will update and catch up. One today (as it’s date night I’m afraid, but I thought I’d put one up as it’s been a long time) and the rest tomorrow, so lets do this.

Day 10, The Captain

So I didn’t have a character that would suit this name, like I previously mentioned. However, I’m going to twist it again, and make it something relevant, but something that will work. So the spheres of places to research, a fair few have water, so having the right equipment aids them with long durations, etc. Now as already previously mentioned, Rhean’s (See Day 9 for more info) are a new race on Earth. Since they’re adapted to water, they’re usually given the jobs of underwater research, with a few human exceptions. So to help the human’s match, a company named Captains, ran by a Rhean named The Captain (see, told you’d it’d work). He’s adapted Rhean technology, to allow human’s to swim like Rheans. The fins on the boots act as attachments, or removable for Rhean’s who have their fins there anyways.

I had this idea originally from some Mecha books I’d seen lonnnng ago. But didn’t know how to incorporate it.

japanese girls underwater in knee-high mecha-socks
I loved the design, but obviously I’d adapt it for my own ideas. The best way I find to do this adaption, HaB_Art Tip#3, is to look at the image once, and not again for the entire time you’re using it, don’t look at the reference. Your mind will then remember the features you liked, in my case the circle indents, and forget the features you wont use.

I then needed to create an advertisement. Now I’m no marketing expert, or good at advertising, however, I just ran with what I liked the look of. So I scrolled around pinterest for a while, finding any images I found that I could use for inspiration.

Snorkeling in Cenote, Mexico. Photo by Cade Butler.
Loved the image and light use in this one, but I couldn’t find a way to place a logo
Your psoas major mobilizes the leg when you push your flipper down against the water. #BodyGratitude
This one was perfect as not only did it have space for a logo, but the lens used made it look like the spheres.


In hindsight, I kinda wished I had used this one, it would’ve portrayed the shoes better, but y’know, I can always work on another advertisement

(Couldn’t copy image, so here’s a link to the foot references I used:  Here

This was one I really enjoyed researching, as 1. I’m a big fan of the sea, fish, and everything water (keen competitive, ish, swimmer), and 2. I LOVE underwater photography, a potential project I’d like to look at at some point. Once I had the images, I was all good to go, just had to combine them.

The Drawing

I started at first using guidelines from the reference images on the body and horizon, then went in and added more detail with a 6B. I struggled a bit with where to put the boots, because I thought it would be put in in detail so the viewer would see the product.

day 10 sketch

day 102









After deciding all the details and where to put things, I started adding in details with a fineliner. Still haven’t found my finer detail one yet, so the angled brush tip one it is.

Really wasn’t a fan of how the boot was coming out in ink, hence the dark bold lines. So I’ll have to (you guessed it) rework it at some point. Catchphrase of the HaB_Blog.

I then added my splash of colour to highlight the environment, and a logo design. I thought since the product was originally made by a Rhean, their home world would be a good feature, as well as adding ‘Discover Rhea’ Thought it’d be a good tagline.

day10 final

Overall I’m pretty happy with turn out, looking at it now, I may have put the logo where the shoe was an not included the shoe at all, but then it’d probably look like a tourist poster. Obviously I need to work on a few features. I may add that sphere as an engine or something to allow more propulsion and so it differentiates more from my originally reference, but for now, I like it.

Next up the Red Woman, I have had a reference image in mind for something like this for a while, and if you’ve checked my pinterest boards you may have a good idea too.

Till the next one.




Inktober List I used:

My Pinterest board on Inktober:

My pinterest boards for references to help you practise poses/hair/face etc:

Reference Picture used: 

Other reference Picture:

Reference picture I wish I’d used:

Reference for Boot positioning:

Reference for Captain’s:


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