Inktober 2017 – Day Nine

Inktober 2017

So, The Gentleman. This one I pondered about a lot.. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to go with this one as like previous days, I haven’t had a set character in mind that would go with this description. However, like on previous days, I’ve approached some of them with a twist, which is what I shall be doing today.

Day 9, The Gentleman

There’s a lot of backstory in this one, but trust me it’ll all make sense. So I hadn’t actually thought of any ideas for settings yet. I loved the idea of making sets/backgrounds/creating Sci-Fi cities etc.. But I’m just not very good at that. People are my thing, not landscapes. Regardless though they are still needed, and after a bit of research I actually got a decent background.

So, The Gentleman, is an actual person, an astronaut/space explorer. Still fits with the Inktober theme. He worked as a researcher on the Cassini Project, which focus on going to Saturn (quite recent exploration, fascinating thing to read about if you like sciencey stuff like myself). After the success but also loss of contact, he and a few others worked with a company called RHEA (Actual thing, they work with NASA, big trusted real company..however not sure if they’d work on a thing like this so I may change the name later.. It just worked so well) after a few decades, they successfully managed to get The Gentleman and a few others in his crew to Rhea (one of the largest moons around Saturn) and found underground colonies (A race which I’m yet to name, but humans will probably call Rheans). After negotiations spanning another decade, Rheans were allowed to be brought back to Earth, sharing technologies, more advanced than we had reached, and we gave them our culture, society and values. (This race is the same as Lyra, which I drew on Day 6). Now call this far fetched, but it’s actually quite possible. Maybe not in the timeframe I’m giving it, or because it’s unlikely life could live there in the conditions Rhea are in right now. But this quote from the NASA page actually gave me inspiration for all of this.

“Releasing oxygen through surface irradiation could help generate conditions favorable for life at an icy body other than Rhea that has liquid water under the surface, Teolis said. If the oxygen and carbon dioxide from the surface could somehow get transported down to a sub-surface ocean, that would provide a much more hospitable environment for more complex compounds and life to form. Scientists are keen to investigate whether life on icy moons with an ocean is possible, though they have not yet detected it. – (Teolis, NASA, quote from here) “

Works with the Rheans being a water race because of the liquid water under the surface. Their eyes being almost black because of the lack of light, being underground. And, with the fins because well, water. So, with the races living peacefully (ish, there’s always some who will disagree with things) a bar was named after The Gentleman (Not his actual name btw, nickname given to him by work colleagues) in the city the spacecraft was docked at. So the bar is Saturn themed of course.

This brings me to the strange curved lights  that are above each bar. I got this idea from a restaurant my boyfriend and I visited for our year anniversary, which is called Steak of the Art. The bar, had an amazing curved light fixture over the bar area which I couldn’t get over. So when I started researching this that instantly sprung the mind.

Image result for steak of the art bristol

Obviously in The Gentleman bar, it’s not identical to this. They act more as a canopy rather than the whole way over. And it’ll be made from the rock, dust and ice from Saturn’s rings and lit with LEDs (Can’t all be super Sci-fi can it) The tables I got inspiration from a UFO table I saw, thought I’d adapt it to Saturn, and there would be some light in the planet to make the tables more exciting of course. Around the room there’s also a giant painting of the moon Rhea, some promo pictures for visiting and sight seeing on Rhea, as well as a framed picture of The Gentleman himself. (Funny thing, you never get to know his name or his face, sorry not sorry). Oh, and the table at the back is made to look like it’s floating on jet packs, and the chairs attached to the ceiling are meteors.

UFO Coffee Table 50's movie alien flying saucer custom home theater furniture table concept
Inspiration for the Saturn tables. I was tempted to make them at different angles and to spin on an axis, thought that was a bit impractical for a table in a pub though… Love the actual design by Tom Spina though.


The Drawing

I have never been so excited to draw a landscape/set design before. I just kept going with more and more ideas and I’m so pleased with the result. Hope it’ll look better in colour though as black and white doesn’t quite do it justice, and there was way too much colour to add.

day9 sketch


I was very scared on doing the “Saturn Ring” light features, as I really couldn’t figure out the proportion. I went with it anyways and it didn’t turn out as awful as I expected to that’s a plus.


day9 final

There’s obviously a lot of shading needed to be added to it, and colour eventually. But I didn’t want to overcrowd the image with bold black marks, because it would mask all the details. So I’ll obviously go into it more once I rework it (seems to be a running theme here)

I have also realised that it’s difficult to navigate through my blog, so I’ll be working on that today or tomorrow to fix it.

ALSO, I used the personal plan on WordPress so my website is now my own. I’m SO excited, it feels like I’m finally getting somewhere with all of this.

Anywho, The Captain tomorrow, lets see how I can approach this one.

Good Night



Inktober List I used:

Saturn’s rings research page:

NASA page I did research on Rhea:

NASA Cassini:

RHEA page I looked into:

Table Reference image:

Steak of the Art Restaurant:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 


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