Inktober 2017 – Day Eight

Inktober 2017

Right, back up to date now, thankfully. Sorry for the delays again. Anywho, back to the drawing. The Iceberg was today’s one, now I didn’t have a character profile that would fit this, so I decided to actually do a landscape for this drawing. There’s no rules to what it has to be so, why not. However, this was going to take a lot a research.

Day 8, The Iceberg

Since the museum holds very treasured sights, I had to first find out a treasured/well visited iceberg site. Being in Britain, we don’t have many of them, so research was a must. After a bit of searching, I found a lovely travel blog which has the best places to see icebergs. One place that particularly caught my eye was Jökulsárlón, Iceland. According to the blog it had been used for many movies and was one of the most famous (read more about it here) which was perfect for what I was looking for. Also on the blog they had gorgeous pictures which I will use as references.

Picture from: Literally got lost in this site just reading, highly recommend

The one on the right I will use for inspiration, however not copy 100%. I will write a post at some point on how to use a reference (Maybe after Inktober) detailing this, but for now I will just say I used this mainly for shape and shadowing.

Next, I had to research how globes manipulate light and shadow. Yes, that is something I will have to look into more. My story involves a lot of places being held in globe like form, not entirely sure what to call them yet or how they work so that’s as far as I’ve got. Sadly I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to use as a reference, so I had to improvise with this, using the small trees as reference on how the inside objects warp.

Christmas ornament idea: clear glass ball, fill half with "snow", paint snowflakes & trees with a white or silver paint pen. by dorothy krafcigs
Another way to do this would be to use the reference image and warp it with Photoshop, however, I didn’t have time to do this, but it’s the best alternative method

The Drawing

day 8 sketch

Started by using a coaster as the main outline and drew in my own mapping marks for perspective. I then added in the detail from the reference pictures.


I then moved on to adding shading and detail. The clouds I think was the hardest to convey with ink so I tried my best, but could be improved on.

Used the shading of the pencil to slowly build up the colour (hard to see but I promise you it’s there) Darkest at the base and edges working in to light with varying striations of deeper blues.

day8 final

I then used water to merge the colours together as the pencil alone didn’t give the feel I wanted to. I also wanted to add outer shading of the actual orb itself, but the water wouldn’t let me… So I’ll have to do that when I rework it.

All in all I liked how this one turned out, however, I need to work on my watercolour pencil skills.

The gentleman tomorrow… no idea. Hope I think of something…

Good Night



Inktober List I used:

Inspiration for landscape:                                                              (A really good informative travel blog with gorgeous images,                                                    worth a read)

Inspiration and Guidelines for globe:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 



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