Inktober 2017 – Day Five

Inktober 2017

The Destroyer is today’s drawing. After sleeping on it, I decided to take it slightly out of direct context… again, similarly to Day 3’s Ghost Kid. But to explain how that works I’d have to give you some more background on the main location within the story.

Day 5, The Destroyer

So as I’ve already stated, the main theme for this is the location of my story. To keep it simple, as I haven’t fully thought through all the intricacies, the main location is a museum. But it doesn’t work like a normal one. The exhibitions it features are in a sense alive. In each section of the museum are protected areas from around the world, preserved, allowing researchers to continue valuable work without disturbing the actual locations. Since the story is set a few hundred years in the future, the whole theme is Sci-fi/magic, but society has developed with it. There are alien races, humans and whole new society morals. Within the society you have people who are all for the museum helping retain historic aspects, but there’s also those who appose, who call the creators “The Destroyers” and call themselves the “Saviours”. See how that fits in?

To start with inspiration with this, I went to one of my ALL time favourite artists, Guy Denning. His work laid the foundation for mine, and I will always continue to use his techniques, work and meanings as inspiration for my own. Which is exactly what I’m doing now. A lot of Denning’s work I first saw is pictures of rioters/androgynous faces, done in bold mark making with a simple light/dark structure. So since these people are rebelling, I did the same thing, and found an interesting image to do.

*Disclaimer* – This picture I used was purely for poses/facial expressions and Depth of field used. I won’t be talking about the politics/views of America or reflecting them in any work as I don’t feel it’s my right to do so.

The Drawing

I really liked the layering of people within this image, the police at the front, the main focus (centre girl) and the crowds around and behind. I thought this was perfect to adapt and use for my own picture. So I thought I’d do that with a similar technique I did for the previous image (Day 4). I would layer all of the people up with very sketchy loose lines, with little to no details, giving a more depth of field feel to the image. Since the reference image also reflects it well, I will also make the centre woman the focus of the image, because I love how the photograph draws the eye in. So two birds with one stone on that one.


Also, the sketchyness of the background and foreground people allow me to add in proper details later once I have alien races, uniforms for the people and logos etc.. sorted for the story. AKA, helping future me edit.

I obviously didn’t want to copy the reference image exactly, so I adapted a few things when going over the loose lines with a 4B. Whilst doing so, I was constantly thinking of contrast, how society might be in this time frame, what people would put on the signs etc.. Took a lot of time thinking about that period and I actually felt the most absorbed into my own ideas in this one so far, which makes me super happy as I feel like I have made progress on not only the image, but the story line too.

Day 52

Once happy with the general feel of the individual protester, I refined and finished the drawing with simple line work and a shading technique I discovered yesterday.

Day 5 final
In case you were wondering, the sign says “FREE THE CULTURE” may change the THE to an OUR later on depending on my final sign designs etc.. and the stop sign will have the museum’s logo in it eventually…once I figure out what that is. Oh, and the shirt says “DON’T TOUCH OUR HISTORY”

Overall I was very happy with the effect of the looseness of the pencil lines and the line work of the centre focus within the sketch. Loved how it turned out, however I messed up a little on the eyes annoyingly. But, nothing I can’t fix once editing later.

The Immigrant tomorrow… really not sure how to tackle this one, seems to be starting to be a running theme. Maybe a chance to explore a design for an alien race? Who knows.

Until tomorrow




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