Inktober 2017 – Day Three

Inktober 2017

AHHHH, I missed Day 3, things got extremely busy and I loss track of, well, the day. So I shall cram two drawings in two posts on 1 day. Phew, so lets get started on Day 3.

Day 3, The Ghost Kid

So as I had previously said, I was taking this a very different route ( see Day 2 to refresh your memory). The Ghost kid in my story is one that is rarely seen, and is mainly hidden from the public eye. For spoiler reasons I can’t tell you why, but he’s invisible to the world, hence the ‘ghost’ aspect. To me that works, so I went with that. This guy was also influenced from the Lego Figures I had made (see Day 1) and I was most excited for drawing him.

Ghost Kid
This particular character I had thought about a lot since my original idea for the comic/story (haven’t particularly decided what yet). I also can’t tell you for spoiler reasons what he does either, but he’s important, I’ll tell you that much, as well as the fact you may not meet him till the end. But, he’s great, honest.

The Drawing

Since I already had such a clear image on what I wanted him to look like (basically as he’s positioned above) the rest was to just find a good reference image. Sadly I couldn’t find the image that I wanted for the pose I would’ve like my character to be. However, doesn’t stop me from making my own. During my A levels and GCSE my main source of reference used to be pictures I had taken of myself. Luckily I had a wonderful boyfriend (Ross) around who was happy to pose for me (Ref Images here if you’d like to use them, with credit please). There are going to be more behind the scene sketches to this one as there were more steps in this sketch. I had to firstly use the reference image of Ross, which was a mixture of two, as my main base for positioning and lighting.

Next, I added in the features that I wanted from the Lego figure I had designed in the summer. I altered a few things then adjusted the features according to proportion and the pose itself.


To finally lining with ink, erasing past marks and adding a splash of colour. I did mess up a little with the line work on shading around the mouth, my hand slipped. It’s okay though, it adds dramatic and unique flare..ish :’ )

Final day 3

Despite the small slip up I’m rather happy with how the final sketch turned out, it fit the idea I had in my head well and will hopefully look even better when I do it in colour. So now we come to Day 4, the Burning Man, which is honestly going to be the closest to the Halloweeny theme yet.



Inktober List I used:

My Pinterest board on Inktober:

My pinterest boards for references to help you practise poses/hair/face etc:


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