Inktober 2017 – Day Two

Inktober 2017

Day two of Inktober drawings I’m finding really exciting and beneficial. Already today I’ve seen improvements on how I handle the pens, as well as how to manipulate it to do as I please, miss my acrylic though.


Day Two, The Young Girl

So today’s (click here for list of Inktober topics I’m doing) I found quite hard to tackle. I hadn’t had a plan for a young girl. However, it didn’t specify how young, so I went for teens. I wanted her to have an innocent look, but with a hidden past. The point of my comic is that I want to bring out the pasts of characters to affect the plot however irrelevant or relevant they are to the main story; so they will all have something hidden. I’ve never really had much experience drawing young characters, more around my own age, so I wanted to keep a young ish aspect. The end drawing did look like an older person, but that’s because there’s no colour or distinguishable features (I’ll come to that)

The Drawing

The sketch and the final drawing actually look rather different from what I originally intended, planned to do, and ended up doing. I had an image in my head I was working around, but it changed every time I added a different line. I both liked and disliked this. I liked it as the drawing was constantly evolving, and I love seeing that in my artwork. However, I disliked it as it was very difficult to aim towards an outcome. Am I finished? Would this really work? Do I think the character would do that? It was all very confusing, but the whole thing ended up being completed very quickly, so that was a thing.

Day two; rough
The pose image I used is actually of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Her softer outfits/parts in the series were actually the perfect way I wanted the character to come across. One of power but innocence. So the soft complexion and the  delicate (sometimes) poses were perfect for the idea I wanted to convey. May end up using more reference pictures of her in the long run..

Her race and age were the two things I wanted to convey in this piece. The chest amulet would be attached to the skin, as they are keepers of the museum (I will elaborate on this in a later blog post about my ideas) run by a specific race. The race itself isn’t responsible for how the museum works, just the amulets they are born with is the power to keep it running.

Day two

Her skin will be a different colour, and the markings I want to convey in the race I do eventually want to incorporate into the coloured finished version. Also, the shot in which you meet her (keeping the first impressions for the characters theme in this challenge) will be after a fight/huge event which changes the plot. So for when I finally colour the image, I will be doing more dramatic lighting. (Interesting reference images I found for this include THIS one and more in my Reference boards on my pinterest, linked below)

I might eventually end up redrawing her, or drawing her with younger features, however, I need to plan her clothes better to fully show her importance in the story. I am REALLY enjoying how Inktober is giving me starting points for character designs.

Ghost Kid tomorrow, I have another Lego design idea for this one. Not entirely what it may seem though, more on that then though.



Inktober List I used:
Reference Image for Main pose:

Pinterest board on Inktober:

My pinterest boards for references to help you practise poses/hair/face etc:

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