Inktober 2017 – Day One

Inktober 2017

Recently one of my discord friends had suggested a few of us do Inktober. I had never heard of this sort of thing before him, and it seemed like a fun way to start this blog. The premise of Inktober, is to follow a list of 31 ideas to draw, one a day. So I took to the internet to find one I could use. This was a very helpful thing for me to do for two reasons: 1, I could get some ideas for characters for a comic/story plan I’ve had for years and 2, to get me used to a different medium, as it’s required to do this challenge entirely in ink. This is the list I ended up settling for after a bit of research around:

I liked the idea of these topics to draw, but linking more to my story idea rather than the theme they were going for.

So, Day 1, The Old Hero.

For this character I was going to base it off of the figurines I had made in the summer. When in London, the Lego Shop had a great product on the second floor known as the “build a mini tower”. It had several buckets of bodies/legs/heads/accessories on a counter which you could mix and match and make yourself. Since I’d been stuck for ideas on character designs for a while I thought it’d be a good starting point, plus, a really fun thing to do. My Old Hero I plan to be a side character with a past for my comic.



The idea for this character is a  mysterious guy you see every now and then, accompanied by an all knowing and secretly talking snake. Since I want this comic to be set in the future, I want the snake to be a main part of this guys image, people may see him as crazy but he uses his friend and companion to aid the main characters in their case to solve the murders and help them find the criminals. The ‘Old Hero’ aspect is still not entirely thought out yet, but he plans to be a huge part of the past of the organisation the main character eventually learns about.


The Drawing

So armed with my idea, I went looking on pinterest for ideas and inspirations to start the image. Since he’s in the sidelines I didn’t want him to stick out in any way but more likely to blend in. I decided to focus on their first sightings within things as the Inktober Challenge, so I thought of ideas to make him off to the side, but with a face and body language worthy of anyone’s curiosity. Since I had an idea to make the characters in a bar/pub sorta lay out for their first discussions of the case at hand, and main plot thickening scene, I thought this would be the perfect introduction. I looked up references (either linked below or on my pinterest board for Inktober) for ideas of how I want the work to feel/look and be pictured.

Intital drawing.png

Since these are initial experimentation sketches with ink, I will go back in on these with more background and character detail, however, as an initial idea, I was happy.

Final sketch day 1

My idea with these is to colour them and make them back to life each day during November. However, as a starting point and initial sketches with a new medium, they came out better than I expected.

The young girl will be an interesting one for tomorrow though.



Inktober List I used:

Lego Store site for mini figure feature “Build a mini tower” details:

Pose reference:

Snake reference:

Pinterest board for Inktober:

Pinterest boards for my character references/influences/ideas: 



  1. […] I’ll start with the review. I thought I’d start with this by comparing how I’ve developed during this challenge, and what better way to do so than looking at my most recent image produced from this challenge, Day 15, compared to some of my favourites of experimentation, Day 13, one of my favourites in terms of shading and use of ink, Day 7 and the first one I did for this challenge, Day 1. […]


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